Mother of pearl inlay wooden cases

I have always been fascinated by Mother of pearl inlay wood since childhood, in old days they had to hand carve the wood and inlay, with master/apprentice system there wasn't an easier way to get into that trade.
Years later and thousands of miles away from home I finally had a chance to bring my childhood dream to life when I discovered laser engraving. 
I love working with rosewood, cherry and walnut wood. Inlays vary from white pearl to colorful abalone shell, sometimes I use exotic woods as inlays as well. I often exchange ideas with my customers, they can be very creative :) Please don't hesitate to share your ideas here. Let's create something unique.

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  • Your inlay cases are awesome! I just ordered a custom one. I will share it on your instagram page as soon as i get it! :)

    • Chris Kyle