About Us

 What we do?

We engrave and inlay wooden phone cases with our designs, we also love bringing your ideas to life. Most of our designs are customer inspired.

We also help rescue your happy moments from your phone and give them a new home.

How we do it?

We use a laser engraver/cutter to engrave and cut materials we use to inlay. Materials we use for inlay is Mother of Pearl/Abalone  natural shell.

For the photo printed wood, we print your image on a paper and heat press it onto wood, ink on paper becomes gas and transfers to the wood permanently, giving your happy moment a new home.

Where we do it?

We have a seasonal location in New Jersey, LBI and rest of the year we're located in Florida. No matter where we are all orders ship free the next day.

We only ship your order after you absolutely love it, If not we'll keep trying till you do.

Why we do it?

Working just for living is no fun. We are blessed with a job that brings us joy and we work hard to make sure we pass it on to you. Our goal is to put a smile on your face when you see your purchase:)