Wooden phone case with inlay

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Wooden phone case

Feather design with Abalone shell inlay on Cherry wood phone case. 

Inlay pieces are made out of real abalone shells, they were laser cut and hand placed on cherry wood. It also looks great on Rosewood wood

Inserting Mother of Pearl or Abalone shell into the surface of an object (Wood in this case) called an inlay. In old days this was done all by hand, nowadays we use a laser cutter to cut and engrave our wood and hand inlay the pieces.

We use rosewood and cherry wood in most projects for their durability and beautiful vibrant colors and we use painted wood in certain projects because some designs look better on black. We use bamboo or maple wood for painted cases.

Wood is glued on to soft rubber cover for better protection and slip-free grip. Your case will not be just an art statement but it will protect your phone from drops and in normal conditions, it will outlast your phone.


If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase we'll exchange it with a replacement product or give your money back.